About Us

Modern day community radio stations often serve their listeners by offering a variety of content that is not necessarily provided by the larger commercial radio stations.

Community radio outlets may carry news and information programming geared towards the local area, particularly minority groups that are poorly served by the mass media.

Community radio stations can be valuable assets for a region as a vehicle to further community development. some of the features which differentiate them from mass media is that information is provided by the community, is relevant to the community, there is feedback, they articulate and tackle pertinent issues which specifically target their community, thus they are self agenda setters.

We observe the following principles:

  • community owned
  • operations controlled by community
  • non-profit making
  • community participation
  • accessibility
  • accountability
  • transparency

Motivation for initiative

  • Geographical set up outside national broadcaster’s signal radius-Kariba receive Zambian signal and have a dearth of local news
  • Arrival of newspapers late in Kariba
  • news not relevant to communities-people in the community do not even know what happens on the lake where most bread winners work and are in need of warning mechanisms if the lake is safe to work in as most vessels are ill-equipped.
  • Need to have local issues locally addressed.
  • The need to mobilize resources for radio station is of urgency as more members are seeing benefits of such initiatives through the current bulk sms alternative.

while we wait to start broadcasting we are:

using alternative legitimate means of communication such as distribution of topical tunes (radio programmes on cds), focus group discussions and public speaking, bulk sms, road shows, poetry and dramas etc
working with other organisations to amplify their interventions
lobbying for operating license and for government to make friendly laws towards independent broadcasting

Patsaka-nyaminyami has the following to implement:

  • community talk shows
  • public meetings
  • roadshows/
  • talent shows/
  • sports galas/
  • competitions/
  • fun days/
  • seminars/workshops
  • bulk sms
  • exchange visits