By Tyline Piwa/Mitchelle Masala GoodHope students

Once upon a time, there was as a girl who lived with her grandmother after her parents died. They lived in an area of squatter camps near Mbare in Harare.
This girl was a brilliant student in her classroom of fifty children. The first day, she was announced the best student of the year, but frankly speaking she was about to drop school because her grandmother could not afford to pay her school fees.
Her grandmother tried to baskets to earn a living, but it was small to sustain the family and for her education. She was good at school but her efforts were going to waste because no one could hear her cries. All she could do was to remember the words of her parents that ‘she should not underestimate education’ because it was going to take her somewhere.
All she could do was to read all her books to maintain her studies and level of grades. One day a sponsor came by to pay for her studies- the heavens had smiled at her.
The girl greatly appreciated the sponsor’s efforts to continue with her education and aspires to be a doctor one day so that she could one day take care of her grandmother. To her, education is a weapon to eradicate poverty and bring bread on the table, a tool to success.