“A library is a hospital for the mind” – Anonymous

Patsaka Trust has established a library for use by the Kariba community at stand number 483 Africa Section, Mahombekombe (Formerly Welfare Centre/Mahombekombe Secondary School). The books we currently have range from primary school children’s books, secondary level to tertiary level and mystery novels for adults. It is understandable that the children around here adore reading as they come to Patsaka Trust Mahombekombe Centre a couple of times a week to check-out books. We have a dedicated library room where many more books are still needed, as well as computers and internet facilities that are always available for use by the community.

“When you are growing up there are two institutional places that affect you most powerfully; the CHURCH which belongs to God and the PUBLIC LIBRARY which belongs to you” – Keith Richards

We are currently looking for a volunteer or intern in community development that would be interested in developing this program for 2018 – 2019. This will involve visiting the Kariba community as well as local companies, other stakeholders, ordinary people, the business community, landowners among others that would be willing to contribute to this project.

We are already proud that the Municipality of Kariba has given their blessing by leasing the Welfare Centre to Patsaka Trust for such purposes and is also bringing in books for the community at the library bringing a partnership to community development work.

“Libraries are the thin red line between civilisation and barbarism” – Neil Gaimen

Patsaka Trust Community Library Mission: The Patsaka Trust Community Library Project is animated by the inspiration that all people should have access to books, thinking through books and that this can be accomplished by creating a library that permit people to borrow books at no cost.

Patsaka Trust Community Library Concern: We are particularly concerned in building a library movement that promotes libraries that welcome all and provide a wide-ranging space for members to come together to articulate their ideas, opinions, questions and issues.

Patsaka Trust Community Library Vision: To endeavour for an impartial and considerate community by increasing access to books and by encouraging essential and inventive thinking, so that our society is one characterised by increasing freedom to introspect, expand self-awareness, debate and express ourselves.

If you want to help on this project simply by donating books for our community library, we would happily take these donations. Our team is ready to visit, discuss and share all about it.

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library” Albert Einstein


Mahombekombe Welfare Centre, Stand Number 483 Africa Section; Mahombekombe


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“We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth” John Lubbock