Extra curriculum activities

Nurturing Children activities and talents through extra Curriculum Activities
By Patsaka Correspondent
The previous year commemorated children’ s extra-curriculum activities at Pat McLean Hall where many primary schools in Kariba came together to celebrate and compete with each other at a Traditional Dance Competition. This is a way of promoting young talents, entertaining as well as reconnecting children with their African Culture through singing and dance.
Besides Traditional Dance, there are other children extra curriculum activities which have also emerged and doing great things in the society, for instance the Girl Guides Movement (GGM) which began in the West in the 1940s and later spread to the African continent around the 1980s has proven to be a powerful movement promoting the rights of the girl child. This year in Zimbabwe they are moving with the message “Child prostitution is child abuse, there is NO excuse. Bring our girls back to school.” This came out after they found out that most girls are resorting to sexual activities at a tender age as a survival technique.
The GGM, emerged from the Boys Scouting Movement(BSM) which taught boys cooking, cleaning as well as survival skills especially when faced with challenges. The Scouting Movement teaches young boys to be responsible young men and respectful of the society and environment they live in, it is a safe space for young boys. Most schools in Zimbabwe ignore this movement and rather focuses on the Girl Guides/Brownies movement for girls, but it has come to light that boys are also in risks as girls they also need to be guided, thus schools are advised to take special consideration to Boy Scouts.
The Drum Majorettes Movement is also another activity for girls which came as a result of Police/Military bands of young boys whereby girls were including themselves in such by marching along to the band’s music also brought liveness to the lives of children. This is also a way of inspiring, motivating and entertaining young lives because children can impressionable to bad behaviour, if not guided, thus the Police and Military schools in Zimbabwe have decided to create bands for these youngsters.
As parents, guidance and teachers let us motivate our children so that they too get to experience culture by indulging in activities which actually takes them outside allowing them their own space to grow and socialise with others.