*Patsaka NyamiNyami Community Radio Station: Commemorating World Radio Day*
By Tinotenda
Radio being the mass media reaching the widest range in the world, as _Patsaka NyamiNyami Community Radio_ operating in the midst of Kariba join the world in celebrating the 13th of February, World Radio Day. Commemorating the empowerment that RADIO brings to communities around Zimbabwe, Africa & the World at large. We also urge the *Zimbabwean Government* to start effecting media reforms by opening up airwaves to community broadcasting in a bid to foster community development, however lack of will to do so will not defeat the purpose of Community Radios which are all over Zimbabwe.

_Patsaka NyamiNyami Community Radio Station_ together with other Community Radio Broadcasters say, “*With or without airwaves we will keep on _PILOTING_ until our voice is heard*”

2018 celebrations theme is: Diversity and Equality in *Radio and Sports*, Lets also continue to promote African Sports as we preserve our culture.

_Voice of Empowerment & Development_