healthy kariba living positively
By Kim
University of Zimbabwe-Kariba AIDS Project in pursuing their goal of maintaining a healthy Kariba have come up with an idea of starting a nutritional garden. The garden project consists of 30 members who take turns in watering and maintaining the crops.
The garden is producing fresh covo, okra, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, rape and many more.

In trying to fight pests and diseases they are working closely with Agritex officers in Kariba as well as learning from other support groups in and around Kariba. They are even going as far as Magunje to exchange ideas with other nutritional gardens.

The project has helped the members of the garden, less privileged other members of the community and even donating some of the garden produce to Kariba hospital. For all your fresh vegetables you can get them at the university. Through this we can continue living positive and healthy this was stressed out by the project coordinator Mr Public Mudzinge.