women empowerment project workshop day 3

Women Empowerment Project Workshop Day 3
By Taberth Mhandu
PATSAKA, KIARRA, WITS & KPA facilitating this empowerment process

Learning Points

Business Planning.

Business planning is researching on a number of things which includes questions such as market, capital above all should you start a business or buy one which has been already existing. There is need to plan realistically not optimistically. There are three types of business which are lifestyle venture, smaller profit venture ad high growth venture. Lifestyle venture is flexible and one can be independent in running daily business. The smaller profit venture is all about making daily life bearable on making decent lifestyle and the last type is high growth venture which is all about maximising profits.

Managing Family Business

Trainees are being encouraged to start a business/es as a family/ies or friends and manage it properly. There are dangers associated with having a business as family which includes fights. Fights are likely to occur when the business is starting where people could fight over working hours.

These problems can be addressed only if there are clear job responsibilities, clear hiring criteria, clear magement processes, agreement on market and there should be mediators who would come in between to calm the misunderstandings.

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