World Fisheries Day 2017

Patsaka Correspondent

World Fisheries Day was established by the World Fisheries Forum (WWF) as an opportunity for reflection on our ever-increasing knowledge of the state of the oceans, fish stocks, fishers and coastal communities.

Every November 21st, fisherfolk communities worldwide celebrate with rallies, workshops, public meetings, cultural programs, exhibitions, music shows and demonstrations to highlight the importance of maintaining the World’s fisheries.

Protein from fish, crustaceans and molluscs accounts for around 15% of the animal protein intake of the human population.

What surprised me when i was moving around our small town of Kariba no one seemed to know that it was World Fisheries Day. To a greater extend what touched my heart was the amount of kapenta being caught. The levels/quantity have decreased to alarming levels. Speaking to the fishermen they pointed out that, it is becoming difficult to catch huge amounts of kapenta. Therefore, something needs to be done on this day to make people aware of the good means of fishing.

We also have those who fish using rods and line in the lake. These people are contributing to the dwindling number of fish since most of them catch fish from the breeding areas hence catching small fish.

I encourage the relavant authourities to take this day serious since the fishing industry employ a lot of people in our community. If action is not taken all these people might end up being jobless.

By Joshua Mukwesha

I think next year in November we will be celebrating World Fisheries Day here in Kariba.