MuHwisiry Chaiyeiye

Patsaka Correspondent

There have been photos circulating in the social media with origins being purported to be Lake Harvest. Lake Harvest is the biggest fish farming company in Kariba where larceny cannot just be wished away hence such a company is anticipated to have contemporary security system to curtail such.

This week Kariba experienced some alerts being posted on a number of Whatsapp groups to presage local people that they are at risk of being captured on Lake Harvest CCTV cameras. “Kariba Residents beware of Lake Harvest installed cameras along power line from their head office” KIARRA Executive Chairman Mr Samu Mawawo was quoted on his avowal captioned on a photograph. There were some photos that circulated and said to having had gone viral in SA last month, one being alleged to be of a local sewerage ponds staff, another one is of a Kariba married woman who was captured in a compromising position with a boyfriend. Allegations are that Lake Harvest Company has installed cameras that cover the entire of Lake Harvest harbour and beyond which is 2.3kms from their offices and they are the source of the circulating photos.

Residents expressed a lot of concerns regards the invasion of their privacy and on how such systems would let pictures to trickle into social media. One resident known on social media as Chamakan spoke strongly on the need for Lake Harvest Company to emulate another big company in Kariba Padenga Holdings who doesn’t tolerate anyone to carry gadgets that are able to take pictorial images within their farm. “Failure to guard against pictorial images can be misconstrued as deliberate actions”, he said.

Kariba Holidays also expressed that Lake Harvest Company might not take flippantly to the allegation that it or a member of its staff published these nauseating, insipid images on social media. “It’s an affront to the company’s sense of public decorum and should be condemned in the strongest terms” he even went further to say that this goes beyond securing their assets and offends our common nous of decency as a people. He summed it by saying; “Sharing such images as done on the post I am quoting from, is also irresponsible behaviour”
A critical analysis of the photos circulating led others into arguing that the photos could have been taken by someone using a phone with Paida of Nyamhunga contributing to the discussion by saying; “Guys technically a CC camera can’t observe 2-3kms so musanyepe apo”. Someone then chipped in to corroborate and also ascertain that the Lake Harvest HiTech CCTV cameras installed can capture what would be happening within their far away cages speckled in the spectacle vast waters of Zimbabwe’s pride Lake Kariba.

Human Resources Manager Ms Tariro Chari, when contacted for clarity regards the stories circulating confirmed that Lake Harvest as a company has security cameras that monitors their premises. She even explained further that the cameras are not set up to monitor activities outside the premises, apart from the immediate environs of the fence lines to protect against intrusion onto their premises. The HR Manager also said “Lake Harvest does not provide any images relating to our security on social media. An article was placed in Kariba Info, with the appropriate privacy restrictions, showing trespassing on our sites, as a warning to the public that action will be taken against illegal activities”.

When asked about posting of captured photographs and or community activities that have found their way into the community originating from the company’s security system, she emphatically challenged; “If you have proof of this allegation, please provide it. The cameras are programmed to record images from our property only”. She was not reticent to emphasize that access to the control room and operating system itself is restricted and not linked to the internet. Pressed further if there was room or possibility that the security system is being tempered with and being used by Lake Harvest employees to threaten others in the community as victimisation machinery, she vehemently denied such chances existing. On whether the company is sentient of what’s circulating on social media with such allegations. Ms Chari had this to say, “We are only hearing of this from you now and appreciate the notification, however, should this be proven, we would take definite action against the employee concerned. If you have proof of these allegations, please provide it”.
On the issue on whether the company has taken any action if there were employees using the system contradictorily so as not to threaten or perturb the life cycle and free movement of the people in the community of Kariba. Ms Chari could not hesitate to express that the company would take disciplinary action against an employee if there were sufficient and provable grounds that the system has been abused. The system is to protect Lake Harvest Company assets and staff, not intrude on the public, unless they commit an offence which impacts upon Lake Harvest.
With such assurance from one of the biggest companies in Kariba that their core business is not to disturb community amity and movements, what then remains is to critically look at the behaviour and actions depicted in the photos that had been circulating. One resident said, “That is disgusting and should be frowned upon by the entire community” Kariba Holidays summarised it y saying, “All you can do is point an accusatory finger at Lake Harvest? I am disgusted by the man in the photo and those sharing it. Nxaa! Nxaa!”. There could be need to now have a look at the community fibres, culture, deeds among other life tenets so that we behave reasonably. How are we using our local environment? Do we need the bushes to be used for fornication, adultery, indecency? What is the impact of being caught with this 21st century technology? The issue of social media literacy and the blame games associated when one finds himself in such a situation.

I am off for my cruise, stay well guys.