Patsaka Trust is set to expand its operations through the community radio initiative (Patsaka Community Radio). The organisation is aimed at embracing a concept of COMMUNITY BROADCASTING which looks at radio, television & print. The organisation therefore calls for all interested parties to come forward and be part of this COMMUNITY BROADCASTING initiative – article writers, presenters, news readers, producers etc. The organisation is now in a position to facilitate a number of activities for the community of Kariba at the Mahombekombe Community Centre. Some of the activities to be done at the centre include:

i. Trainings to increase youth political participation – Debates and Camps
Patsaka need to train a core group of 15 young trainers and pilot two debate training programmes as part of its youth programme to increase youth political participation. PT would need support to amplifying its engagement with youth through social media like Facebook and twitter, with a view to facilitating online discourse. Development of a database of youth online groups in order to more systematically solicit input from youth groups on how to spur youth participation in the country’s political life.

ii. Gearing up for local and national elections – Broadcasts (Creative Studio)
Dubbed ‘Youth Multi-media Civic Education Initiative’ will be launched aimed at reaching thousands of young voters. It will be a series of radio broadcasts developed by the Patsaka Community Radio Initiative, informed by a baseline study on youth knowledge, attitudes and practices in the context of public affairs carried by the Radio Initiative. The broadcasts will use entertaining stories oriented around the experiences of young people to inform them of their civic rights and responsibilities, and break down stereotypes that youth should refrain from active roles in politics and public life.

iii. Participation in electoral processes (Forum)
A Kariba Youth Agenda on Political Participation will be the main drive developed ahead of the 2018 election to work with youth from different political parties coded Kariba Constituency Youth Inter party Forum. The forum will primarily be used by youth members across party lines to come together and deliberate on issues of common interest and challenges among other things one being expanding the frontiers for youth political participation, violence free election.

iv. Supporting Dialogue – School Going Youth
The Project will also work to engage with students in the local High schools in Kariba and their leadership in their various students clubs and in junior councils of the Municipality and Rural District. PT will targeted ten student high schools across Kariba constituency with the aim to promote their role in enhancing a culture of dialogue which political parties have failed to do in the past years since 2008 elections have stalled.

v. Strengthening public policy making skills – Youth Empowerment through Civic Education
This activity or programme will provides youth with a training opportunity on public policy making tools; and introduces them to the legislative and oversight functions of the Parliament and its function in the framework of parliamentary diplomacy in regional and national issues.

vi. Disadvantaged Groups – Discussions
PT will mobilize and link diverse vulnerable groups especially the Tongas of youth around access to justice and fundamental human rights, in line with national objectives for better social and economic opportunities for youth, justice and social inclusion.

3. Establishment of Community Library: Two rooms of the centre will host a community library and a common study room, in which students of all levels will have the possibility to deepen the knowledge acquired at school.

4. Basic vocational skills training: It’s so distressing that in this age, Kariba does not have any vocational training facilities and a lot has been said regards lack of political will to empower the Tonga-Korekore tribes within this region.

5. Indoor activities to include sports: This activity at the centre will be the improvement of the already existing soccer informal trainings within the areas of Mahombekombe for some social clubs. With the opening of the new indoor sport facilities Patsaka Trust will have the possibility to organize new sports activities for the free time of the young people in table tennis, darts and pool.

6. Literacy school: Non-Formal Education: The best form of empowerment a society would need is education and the establishment of the Centre will be a great step in such endeavours.

7. Seminars/Trainings for local NGOs: Awareness meetings/Campaigns/Cinema: Patsaka plans to carry out staff training of local NGOs (CBOs) through seminars of two/three days on a number of topics like: human resources management, accountability, sustainability, project coordination, administration, service delivery, fundraising among others.

8. Support HIV/AIDS affected: In order to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS diffusion among the population of Kariba, Patsaka Trust will support a number of affected families whose children will have access to facilities being offered at the centre. Furthermore the beneficiaries of the program will be referred to medical centres in order to receive free medical care and antiretroviral working with like-minded organisations like Tony Waite, the Municipality of Kariba and Patsaka Trust partners.

The organisation had a number of community meetings with various stakeholders within the community of Kariba, some of which include Government Ministries, Political Parties, CBOs and yet to meet mere residents so as to gather views regards operations of the centre.

Below are pictures captured during the meetings