There is need to appreciate the great thinking and planning being done by our one and only local Premier material as it calls local talented players to prove that they are worth the mantle.
The Sunday Chidzambwa coached outfit has declared this coming Saturday and Sunday,Kariba local days for trial and all those within the age range of 17 through to 25 are anticipated to heed this call.

This kind of planning is testimony to what the club Executive Chair Mazarire promised when we gathered sometime this last month to celebrate and award the high achievers of our Kariba pride. Mazarire challenged locals to come through and a lot of my learned colleagues quickly dismissed his talk as the biggest joke.
It is the same supposed joke that has taken our local talented youth to shiver in the town in anticipation to the trial.

The tact is to build a strong base of players from the locals who are regarded as the direct beneficiaries to the successful ZPC powered soccer outfit. This weekend should be exciting and we look forward to the Nyamhunga Stadium to witness the new journey that has commenced and honestly a good number of teams has never ventured into such projects.

The ZPC FC Supporters led by Mulala should find this exciting as well following a good run they had last year singing, dancing and accompanying Katuruturu all the way.
The challenge and call remains; “If you are in the age range of 17-25, talented and from the Kariba District, meet you at the trials this coming Saturday and Sunday”

Patsaka Nyaminyami CR correspondent.