“I have never reached orgasm”

How are you auntie Unknown. Thank you for opening this column. I have a problem that has been bothering me for quite a long time now. I love my husband a lot but ever since we got married in 2015 aunty I have never reached orgasm. Zviri kundirwadzwa izvi. Mufunge I come up with excuse now a days, I usually tell him that am tired or am not feeling well because if I do not I will be forced to fake organism. This started when I was with my friends and they were telling me about their bedroom experiences. The problem am really facing is that I don’t know how to approach the problem at hand without affecting my marriage. I love him despite the problem we are having at the moment.

Auntie Unknown
Letter was received with thanks. Many women out there fake orgasm and this unsatisfaction result in adultery which is not acceptable if you are married. It is an issue that should not break a union between two people and as such you should sit down and talk with your husband. Make sure it is not in the bedroom that you will have the conversation but must be privately between the two of you. Traditionally people would suggest that you visit your tete but it would be painful for husband to hear this from someone else who is not you. He might be thinking kuti he is satisfying you because you have been faking it all this while. I think it is a minor problem which can be resolved. You can go and see a marriage counselor.
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