Patsaka Correspondent

Things may seem to have fallen apart in many aspects of life due to the deterioration of the country’s economy and polarization in the political arena which have seen people of various opinions left without a common bounding entity which can draw the attention of everybody in the community. Even the death of a common city father or a mere ordinary citizen no longer attracts much deserved attention as mourners are not spared, but also are rather divided along political lines.

The community of Kariba has not been spared by the same wave which is brushing across the country without any particular direction. However, if the spirit which was exhibited last week Saturday when honorable members of parliament on portfolio of finance descended to Kariba on national budget consultative meeting is anything to go by then the amazing story of Kariba must be told. As the norm nowadays that even senseless policy/ies can be endorsed to be effective as a matter of patronage at the expense of common sense and even noble policies may also be seen by the other side a threat to one’s comfort – this is an excruciating situation which should be eradicated henceforth and you and me are to lead the way.

Kariba seem to have found a common ground as shown at the national consultative meeting of less hundred people. The community might not have come in numbers but was fully represented by ward councilors, the municipality and other community based organizations. One popular chairman of a particular political party in a bid to express concerns of Kariba temporarily disassociated himself from the party. He may have done this jokingly but this is a way forward if we truly love and we are to build Zimbabwe and Kariba in particular. Neither politics nor economy of the day should divide people but the love for our community should bind us against all odds. It is also of interest to note that the poorly coordinated gathering (as venues were changing without notice) most vocal politicians despite their political belongings sang from the same hymnbook.

The honorable member of parliament chairing the meeting tactically tried to refer some of the issue raised to the Kariba constituency member of parliament who was absent- believed to have gone on a similar mission in other province. The community expressed concerns over the Karoi-Binga highway which according to history is said to be tarred yet in reality Siakobvu is hardly accessed by road. A plea was then made to the Minister of Finance to put the road on budget as it is also affecting tourism in a way. Tourism infrastructure development in Kariba was also cited as one item that should be included on the 2017 National Budget. “We need a new airport and hotels have been closing like Kariba Breezes, Zambezi Valley hotel, lake view and other lodges” said one youth.

Vital points were also raised such as the need to reduce the number of ministries, the need to do away with the women quarter system and removal of the senate as a measure of cutting down the government expenditure in the 2017 national budget. It was also noted that the government should observe and fulfill international commitments such as Abuja, Dakar and Maputo declarations.

Story by Anwell Bepe