ZRP Kariba District has relaunched its Client Service Charter at Charara Banana Estate in Kariba on Friday last week(16/09/16). The occasion was attended by many stakeholders in the Kariba district.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police came up with a Client Service Charter in bid to clearly outline out the services the public must expect from the organization. “..We are a people oriented police service provider that seek to maintain law and order..”, said the District Commanding Officer, Chief Superintendent Samuriwo who was the guest of honour at the function.

Constitutionally, it must be the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s mission to maintain law and order, protect and secure the lives and property of the people and to institute dynamic policing practise that engender effective prevention, investigation and detection of crime. “…We need to be the leading police service provider in the world by the year 2020..” added Samuriwo.

Speaking on the sidelines of the same occasion, Inspector Fibion Ruwanda said that the ZRP is comprised of four departments which are the Administration, Operations, Human Resources and Crime as explained and all these departments have core values which are professionalism, accountability, transparency and integrity.

Reviews of the client service charter will be conducted twice a year and the review will be aided by the feedback obtained from the public opinion survey which are regularly conducted in order to assess public confidence in the organization. “..members of the public are encouraged to notify the police when they are dissatisfied with the services rendered to them…” said Chief Supt. Samuriwo.
The ZRP retariated that they remain committed to provide the most effective and efficient policing service to the public as anchored on their motto – “Honesty and Integrity”

Speaking at the same event the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority representative Mr. P Mupurira said that people should desist from poaching activities and safe guard our natural resources.