Kariba in a bid to eradicate elephantiasis

The Kariba hospital yesterday embarked on an awareness campaign at Pat McLean hall ,it was attended by stakeholders in a bid to make a way forward on the National mass drug administration which is happening on the 12 to 17 September 2016. The government has launched a vaccination programme targeting both children and adults to prevent the spread of elephantiasis and intestinal worms disease in the country.
The programme is being run by the Ministry of Health and Child Care in conjunction with Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and other partners. The Mass Drug Administration is to eliminate lymphatic Filarises (elephantiasis) and soil helmiriths (intestinal worms).The programme is run from the 12th to 17 September and from 27 September to 1st of October.Everyone above the age of one shall be given drugs called Diethylcarbamazine Citrate.

A recent national survey which was done in Kariba, active infection or prevalence of lymphatic filarisis has been discovered . This is an alarm which is being ringed to the community of Kariba by the Kariba hospital for people to come in numbers and be vaccinated.
The programme will be run in schools,clinics and hospitals.

On a point to note everyone is advised to take a proper meal before they take the Drug such that there will not be cases where People will collapse after medication.
And to stakeholders in our community who wants to donate food and drinks such as Maheu,Bread e.t.c they can get in touch with the Kariba hospital.
Everyone is urged to be vaccinated to prevent this terrible disease in our community