ALERT – PLEASE BE ON THE LOOK OUT AGAIN !! for a sub adult/medium size elephant with trunk approximaterly 20cm – below mouth, sliced through by a snare.

The elephant was reported to and by Parks on Monday 15/8/2016 and then seen late that same afternoon by a resident who phoned in and advised that the snare has cut through the trunk approximately 20cm down from the mouth.

The resident could not stay with them on the main road as the Trunk damaged one had charged him ( very sore and quick to anger) and he had fresh produce on the back of his vehicle which is asking for trouble if you park by Elephants.

They were by the Quarry area and moving between there, Nyanyana and possibly Chawara, Padenga and Charara areas.

Kawft headed out to the same area but could only see others who were with Elephant.

Parks Rangers and KAWFT have been searching for days now but cannot get close to the cow herd as they are in thick bush between the quarry and shoreline but they are continuing searching.

Please advise on the below if you do have sighting or suspected sighting.

1. Where about seen/location
2. Time of day or night
3. Is the animal on its own or with others, approximately how many
4. Any defining marks on the ears, body etc or noticeable difference between the 2 tusks of any of the other Elephants that may be with him, for ease of locating.

All information possible will assist with the finding of the animal or herd he is with and the sooner the more chance of giving medical attention and saving.

5. If possible keep the animal visual until help arrives, Parks will keep in contact as they urgently make their way to you.
6. If able, try and take photographs to whats app urgently.


Please keep a look out and check all Elephants you may pass as he/they could be moving anywhere between Charara and Kariba.
Parks have also been alerted. Both Parks and KAWFT will all be searching in the hopes they can locate the Elephant and have Wildlife Vets attend to this horrendous situation yet another poor animal is in due to callous humans.

As always this is a matter of urgency as the quicker Parks find him, the more chance of either stitching his trunk or attending to what remains of his trunk and saving the Elephant itself as he will be unable to drink with a gaping hole of 80% in his trunk and eating is a painful process.

Please contact the below numbers, whats app or email if you come across this wounded Elephant
ZIMPARKS AREA MANAGER – Mr D Sithole 0775 971 799
ZIMPARKS SENIOR RANGER – Nicholas 0772 762 500

Phone numbers
Sonya Mc Master 0772 874 352 – KARIBA
Dick Mc Cowan Hill 0772 600 187 – KARIBA
Debbie Ottman 0773 996 487- KARIBA

WHATSAPP NUMBERS -for photos or messages
Sonya Mc Master 0778 733 784
Debbie Ottman 0784 512 921