By Admore Mbonda

The Kariba Magistrate’s Court has earlier yesterday granted bail to all the accused in the Lake Harvest fraud case. The seven were remanded in custody on Friday.

They were each granted $250 bail with conditions attached. The conditions include surrendering travel documents with the Clerk of Court, not interfering with investigations and reporting twice to police CID section every Wednesday at 6am and 6pm. Those still employed by Lake Harvest will resume their duties there.

The State opposed bail on the basis that the accused were a flight risk as accused number 1 was of no fixed abode and facing such a serious charge as fraud, he could be tempted to skip bail. The state also argued that the accused persons had harassed the investigator and could interfere with and compromise police investigations.

The Defence, however, carried the day, arguing that accused number 2 to 6 were good candidates for bail as they held responsible managerial positions at the complainant company. The magistrate ruled that most people are tenants in this country and that fact could not be a reasonable basis to deny someone bail as he can always inform the police if and when changing his address of abode.

The trial resumes on 23 August 2016. Patsaka Trust Chief correspondent A.K.A Dombo will be there to bring you all the twists and turns.