Story by Admore Mbonda

The fraud case which has gripped the resort town of Kariba involving top Lake Harvest Aquaculture executives continues on Monday.

In earlier reports on the story an impression had been created by various sources that Lake Harvest had appealed at the High Court in Harare a last year ruling by then Kariba Resident Magistrate, Felix Chauromwe, which ruling had acquitted Lameck Chivenga. The truth is no such High Court appeal was lodged – the complainant in criminal cases has no right of appeal. That task lies with the Prosecutor General.

What Lake Harvest did was pursue counts which were not prosecuted in the earlier case. And the police, basing on the earlier case in which loopholes were exploited to the benefit of the accused, have decided to drag in everyone who appended a signature in approving the criminal transactions which caused Lake Harvest pecuniary loss.

The management team which has spent the weekend in remand prison were accomplice witnesses in the trial of Lameck Chivenga as they appended their signatures and approved the offending transactions.

It was also wrongly reported that Muchineripi and Associates are representing all the accused. Of the ten accused persons, Muchineripi and Associates are representing 7. The other three are being represented by Saizi Law Chambers, including Chivenga who has since left the employment of Lake Harvest.

Patsaka trust will continue to give you correct, factual reports. Stay tuned for a momentous week which may result in changed fortunes for fishing conglomerate, Lake Harvest Aquaculture, one of Kariba’s biggest companies.