The director of financial services reported in the 28th finance Committee meeting that about 27 smart water meters that were installed as part of the pilot project were working well. The department is currently gathering information from users to assess the actual performance of meters. The committee members also commended that most ratepayers in the community were expressing a lot of desire to be provided with the smart meters. The Director of financial Services explained that the installation of these smart meters would enable council to enforce the ratepayers to pay their dues to council and that the local authority will no longer disconnect water. The committee was advised that the programme would be rolled out in 2017 financial year.
The resolution which were made were that the process of ascertaining the viability of partnering the installation of smart meters should be made with the intention of installing smart meters in the year 2017. Also the committee resolved that stakeholder’s consultation be concurrently started regarding installation of smart meters.
From the Ordinary Council meeting held in the Municipal offices Kariba Heights on Monday 1st of August 2016.