*Chief Chundu fights Veld Fire and Poaching.*

_By Patsaka-Nyaminyami CR Staff Reporters_

Most of the Kraal Heads in Chief Chundu especially in ward 7, parents and students with their teachers gathered at Nyamakate Secondary for an outreach program. Graced by the EMA team, Marongora Senior rangers, Inspector Mugadza who is Officer in Charge Makuti Police Station, Mr Matiza of Carbon Green and the State security team from Chirundu, it was really a session of realities. The Councilor for ward 7 Councilor Mateyasanwa had no kind words regards why Ward 7 has remained the poorest yet they are the custodians of wildlife where Manapools and Marongora are within their ward. He spoke strongly against poaching which he attributed to lose of Campfire support since wildlife is being attacked. He cited failure to complete the Nyamakate Secondary School block by the community to lack of Campfire support which used to benefit families to the tune of $800 in the past. The Councillor praised people in his ward for having a clean sheet with not a single person having been caught on poaching whereas poachers were coming from other wards with ward 8 contributing significantly. The issue of harvesting water is one other grey area where not a single dam is in ward 7 and rivers have been heavily silted.

Answers could be coming as the EMA representative Mr Chizanga took the gathering to a good lecture on the importance of avoiding veld fire as well as highlighting that it is no-longer a crime to take river-sand for personal use. Government has launched the De-silting program which was officially rolled out by Vice President Cde ED Mnangagwa in Chegutu this year. Mr Chizanga however had no kind words to ward 7 residents where he noted that in 2015 the fires in that one ward destroyed 57 000 hectares which is equivalent to the fires that consumed the whole Chegutu District.

The young brilliant Chief Chundu weighed heavily by encouraging all the Kraal heads to make sure that those who are found causing veld fires to be brought to book and failure would result in him dealing with the Sabhukus themselves. He said his area had been heavily affected by high numbers of poaching, high numbers of rape, high numbers of cutting down trees, high numbers of affairs with young girls resulting in child pregnancies and called residents to Stop it. Sincerity on the part of Kraal heads was called for and he said the society should respect their culture and traditions that do not harm others. The community should work together and avoid corruption and lying about what will be taking place. Leaders should learn to speak the truth all the time and support the Government programs. The Chief called for a revision in how Campfire project is being run so that the community should run it and develop their areas in line with ZIMASSET which is the economic blue print till 2018. The chief also took a swipe to those who are abusing social media and said, ?People should respect what is correct and use their gadgets to convey correct information so that we built our country?

In rounding up the outreach, the Chief encouraged the community to utilise the Food for work program and De-silt the rivers which brings value as they would use the sand as well as harvest water for farming purposes. Kraal heads were asked to each bring reports on all those who have crops destroyed, have relatives injured or killed by wild animals so that they are forwarded to the Resident Minister Cde Fabour Chidarikire since there are discussions around compensation through SIITES. One resident just commended that there is need for government to continue empowering traditional leadership especially these brilliant young chiefs by providing vehicles for them. Chief Chundu covers the largest area in Hurungwe yet he has not yet benefitted from the vehicle support program for chiefs by the Government.

By Staff reporter