By Sam Mawawo in Kariba

A 27 years Old man, Admire James,a TM Kariba employee hanged himself yesterday evening, after domestic disputes with his wife,Mercy Mchocha.

The deceased Admire James, whose relative who are in Mhangura confirmed that a long marital dispute was in existence between the late Admire and his wife,” Yes tafonerwa nezve kuzvisungirira kwaita Admire,saka tichatoronga kana kwaedza mukuwasha “, said Sarudzai James sister to the deceased Admire. Admire ‘s lifeless body was removed, from his lodging room at Nyamhunga 3 Kariba to Kariba District Hospital Mortual last night,by ZRP Kariba Police details.

It is alleged the two decided to seperate during yesterday afternoon after Admire brought in his second girlfriend who reside at Mahombekombe, and later had a fight with the girlfriend, with the matter reported to ZRP Nyamhunga Post. It is also alleged to have not been giving support to his wife,and is said to have defaulted a sum of $200 on mantainance to his 2 children, which the wife had threatened to report it again to Court. The wife ‘ decision to part ways with the husband, led the husband to hang himself.
The wife confirmed to have some marital problems with her husband, whom she accused of being dating too many ladies in Town,” Its painful, to loose life,for such unresolved issues,because my husband,I feel he had too much pressure from other girlfriends,I have just reunion with him for four day after we had separated for over 8 months,and church elders at Johannes Masowe, asked me to reunite with my husband, but my arrival back,prompted other girlfriends of his, to put pressure on him, last night he had a heavy fight with one Girfriend from Mahombekombe, and the matter was reported to ZRP Police, today again another pregnant girlfriend came,and she claimed to have been affected with HIV Virus,and vowed to report him to Police for having unprotected sex with her,without notify her about his status. I think all these had put him to too much pressure that he decided to take off his life,” said Mercy Mchocha,deceased wife.
Wife Mchocha is alleged to have taken her property from the room during yesterday afternoon, as she came back to collect other goods,she allegedly to have found her husband hanged in the room.
No comments yet from the ZRP Mash-West Provincial Spokesperson, as his phone was not reachable by the time of press.