Kariba Heights Lays Dormant
Kariba is a town located at the shores of Lake Kariba with its dam wall forming the border with Zambia. Located in the Zambezi Valley, Kariba benefits from a warm climate during the whole year. Kariba town is the centre of the tourist industry for the Lake Kariba region providing accommodation in various hotels and lodges. There are two casinos in the town and several restaurants. Many of the attractions in Kariba for the tourist are water-based, Fishing, game-viewing and house-boating are the most popular activities.

Kariba has four main suburbs, the high density areas of Mahombekombe, Batonga and Nyamhunga as well as Kariba Heights, the wealthier inland suburb and home to the Operation Noah monument. Kariba Heights as the name suggests is located on hills and the views of Lake Kariba from the Heights are fantastic. Kariba Heights is a residential area, high up in the hills, where the dam construction team built their houses in an attempt to get a cool in one of the hottest places in southern Africa. During the dam construction there were accidents and 86 men were killed. To remember these men the Italian construction company built a church on the Heights. The church is a beautiful circular and opens to the breezes with nice stained glass windows. This church attracted many tourists from all over the world but due to poor maintenance the church is depreciating this call for attention as it’s a tourist attraction feature. Nearby to the church is a view point which looks over the lake. It definitely is great spot and the sunset there is amazing, but it has been years and years the place lay dormant as no development has been action upon the view point to beautify the scene. Pity is to the women who sale their clothes, arts and crafts where there is no even shed to protect them from sunlight or even rain. Kariba heights town was a magnificent place where honey and milk used to flourish but now dzangove hari dzofadzirofa so as the shona people say. The church now is depreciating and little maintenance are being carried out which is affecting our tourist memorial.
Kariba Heights had beautiful hotels and now all these hotels are closed down with a few striving to make ends meet. Kariba heights was graced with the Most high hotel, Pagomo grill restaurant and bar ,Kariba country club, with a beautiful shopping complex which had supermarkets with other best shops in Zimbabwe like Bata. Heights had been graced with bearue De change, Zimbabwe International travel and tours offices. Kariba heights had different banks such as the Interfin Bank which is now lying idle for quite a long time to mention few.Also Kariba heights had a great cinema where people would come to watch movies and refresh but now if you reach the place at the moment it’s like you are entering into Snake Park. All the beautiful buildings there have been corroded. Pagomo grill restaurant now in bad shape. This was one of the best restaurants in Kariba with everyone with the need to come and spend a little time but have depreciated and calls for maintenance.

However considering all these features and buildings Kariba Town at the moment is like a haunted house most of the facilities are not working to the extent that the public toilet had closed with tourist getting frustrated when they want to help themselves and find no toilets. Kariba heights town is need for development as most tourists they have in mind a beautiful picture which was marvellously built and to some of them when they revisit they are shocked to see the glorious home now a haunted place.