Hundreds of foreign nationals have converged in various police posts in shanty compounds seeking protection from Zambian attackers who are looting their shops and businesses. On Monday Zambians rioted and looted shops owned by non-Zambians especially people from Rwanda. The riots were sparked off by reports that some people believed to be foreign nationals had been apprehended by police in connection with the ritual killings of people for rituals. Because of the current economic crisis and poverty, people are taking advantage of the situation to break in and steal from the foreign nationals. People are mainly looting food stuffs such as mealie meal, sugar, bread, cooking oil and other essential commodities that have gone way beyond majority of the Zambian people. There has also been very slow action on the part of the police leading to where the situation is now.
Police have arrested over 200 people across Lusaka in connection with attacks on foreigners over suspicion of being behind ritual murders. And Home Affairs minister Davies Mwila says the number of suspects in police custody over ritual murders has reached 11. He said that 65 shops belonging to foreign nationals were looted with police making arrests and also recovering some property. The angry residents have taken their frustration on foreigners whom they suspect of having a hand in the ritual killings. Six people have in the recent past been found dead in similar circumstances where private parts were removed with other body parts like the heart.
Foreign nationals, among them Zimbabweans, were forced to seek refuge at police stations in parts of the Zambian capital Lusaka following what was seen as an outbreak of attacks on foreigners. Police spokeswoman Charity Munganga urged Zambians not to believe “false rumour, she said no baby or human body parts were found in any fridge belonging to any foreign national. These statements are coming from people with criminal minds to create alarm among the members of the public and justify their criminality,” she said in a statement.
Therefore the community of Kariba is warned that the current xenophobic attacks rocking the neighbouring country are serious security threat to the region as they undermined unity and peace .Therefore when going to Zambia as most of the karibians do should take caution as their lives are at a great danger.