Recently in Chinhoyi the Ministry of Primary & Secondary Education, has embarked on an operation to close down all unregistered private schools nationwide. Kariba Town which currently have approximately over 15 unregistered private schools, have received a circular from the Ministry to shut down all unregistered Private Schools. Quite a noticeable number of private schools in Kariba are not legally registered yet they are operating, thereby putting the Kariba District Education Office under spotlight from the responsible authorities and Kariba residents as well. It was fruitless to get a comment from the Kariba District Education Officer by the time of publication, as his phone went unanswered probably because of the meeting he was attending.
In response to the issue a parent as well as resident of Kariba, Mr Dzingai Nyaradzo condemned the poor rate of reaction to the challenge by the local education head, so as to protect the school children who are now seen at some unregistered schools, where some school places does not have toilets. “What is happening in Our Town Kariba, is pure unprofessionalism, our kids are made to attend school lessons without adequate and decent blocks, yet the responsible officials are around, without even trying to protect the innocent child” said Mr Dzingai.
Story by Sam Mawawo.