ZIMRIGHTS plays a role to promote every right to the citizens of Kariba.

Due to the fact that the majority of Zimbabweans have no knowledge of the new constitution which was approved in 2013, and the fact that, many still follow the old constitution, ZIMRIGHTS decided to facilitate a two day workshop held on the 26th and 27th of January 2016, which was headed by the legendary Director of ZIMRIGHTS Mr Okay Machisa. The workshop served to educate Zimbabwean citizens about the constitution.

Furthermore, seventeen citizen journalists from the community of Kariba under Patsaka Nyami-nyami Community Radio Initiative were trained about Constitution and Constitionalism and the training was sponsored by Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Station (ZACRAS) which is line to promote the community radio initiatives in Zimbabwe.

PNCR was fortunate to be selected among six community radio initiatives to be trained on Constitution and Constitutionalism under its mother body Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS). Mr Kudzai Kangwari of ZACRAS spoke on the basics of practising rights in the operation of a community radio.

PNCR provided an opportunity for its volunteers to be informed about the Constitutional Rights so that they will be able to educate the all citizens of Kariba about their rights. In a bid to achieve the objectives of the workshop, Mr Machisa used the notion of group assignments as a way to evaluate if the participants had grasped the concept.

Participants were given a kit to train people within their community about Constitution and Constitutionalism so that they will be aware of their rights which were written on the New Constitution which was amended 20 times though there are also unwritten, rigid, unitary and flexible constitutions.
By Moline Chikwanha.