PNCR enhancing awareness training to its volunteers.

Patsaka Nyaminyami Community Radio (PNCR) team held the volunteer capacitating training session on the 29th of January 2016. The one day training was attended by volunteers within the district of Kariba. The purpose of the training was to educate the volunteers about Patsaka Nyaminyami Community Radio policies, code of conducts and about how to come up with newsworthy stories to publish to the community of Kariba.

The main objectives of the training was to produce citizen journalists who can access information and disseminate correct information to the community of Kariba as well as to produce content that can educate and inform the community of Kariba.

Furthermore, of the 15 volunteers who attended the training session nine were males and the rest were females. The training was facilitated by Miss Moline Chikwanha, the Intern Information and Programs Officer, Miss Chengeto Kazangarare the Consultant and Mr Takudzwa Chirinda, the Operations and Production Manager. Miss Chikwanha presented on volunteer policies that work in line with the volunteers rights ,responsibilities, recruitment and selection of volunteers , induction and training of volunteers and as well as Patsaka Nyaminyami Community Radio values. Miss Chengeto Kazangarare presented on news value highlighting on how to select information that is news worthy to the community. Mr Takudzwa Chirinda dealt much on the code of conduct and ethics of PNCR.

The workshop was held in a participatory manner were volunteers shared their views on the content that was being presented to them. There was an open discussion forum, in which everyone was welcome to contribute his or her views and there was also a role play demonstrating the importance of oneness between volunteers.
By Moline Chikwanha.