Kushinga Lodges are also offering special rates which you get through Ultimate Leisure Adventures. A two bedded lodge goes down to $35.00/night, self catering, from $45.00/night. The four-bedded lodges were $72, 00/night, but are now retailing at $60.00/night, self catering. A 6-bedded lodge drops to $70.00/night, from $90.00/night, self catering. Their biggest offering, the 12-bedded lodges, go down to $140.00 from $180.00/night, self catering. Get in touch and enjoy your break.

The Mzimkhulu Lodges have confirmed a Low Season rate of $75.00/night, double, self catering. Singles pay $40.00/night, self catering. Do not pay more.

For a night on the prowl, ZPC Sports & Social Club (formerly called the Kariba Yacht Club) offers “Brush Gear Outage Nites” every Friday. There is no entry fee for visitors.
By Laiton Kandawire