Kariba Publicity Association (KPA) Leads the Kariba Revival Drive

The Kariba Publicity Association board held its elective meeting as scheduled on Wednesday 27th January 2016 and set the tone for the drive to bring Kariba back to her heydays. The board will be chaired by longstanding Kariba business personality, philanthropist and wildlife enthusiast, Malti Mistry. She will be deputized by the immediate-past chairman, Nigel Ncube (an Accountant by training who drifted into aviation, tour operations and travel agency operations and decided to stay put). The Secretary General is John Chirinda, an educationist and Community Radio proponent who heads the pacesetting Patsaka Trust. His deputy is Wildlife Conservationist and Travel Agency operator, Nyashadzashe Chirengende. The head of Treasury is seasoned banker, Mr Mangena who manages the local branch of CBZ Bank Limited. The Information and Publicity portfolio is held by Laiton Kandawire, an Incentive Travel Organizer, Hospitality Marketer and Editor of this newsletter. The Committee Members are Mr Richard Kamhoti, Director of Administration at Municipality of Kariba; ZB Bank Kariba Branch Manager, Mr Masunganidze and Civil Aviation expert and Kariba Airport Manager, Mr Maramwidze.

Immediately after the elections, the Board moved to appoint a Programmes Coordinator whose job title is self explanatory. This task fell to former Kariba Tourism and Business Indaba front-man, Cephas Shonhiwa, who immediately moves into his new office at the Observation Point Building. Shonhiwa will operate under the same roof with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Area management office, so there will be synchronization of our local endeavours with the national effort.

The Kariba Publicity Association is a Trust registered by the Municipality of Kariba. Previously this was a private-sector driven organization and the municipality has been very unequivocal in stating that this status will return once the organization gets into its desired groove. It aims to promote Kariba as an investment and tourism destination of choice. This is the second board since its registration in 2011. Board members are chosen by the Municipality of Kariba and endorsed by Councillors at a full council meeting based mainly on what the individuals have done for Kariba through themselves or through their organizations and their commitment to the development agenda set for the growth of the resort town.

A discussion on a social media forum dubbed “#Visit Kariba” indicates that much is expected from this board as the fortunes of the resort town continue to dwindle and her free fall needs to be arrested immediately. With the right support, policy consistency at the national level and sheer hard work, much can be achieved.
By Laiton Kandawire