Another collector is selling a cherished copy of The Rhodesia Science News; Vol. 13 No.4 of April 1979 headlined Sardines in Kariba. It traces the history of kapenta fishing in Kariba and has the following chapters under discussion:

1. The Tanganyika Sardine in Lake Kariba by B.E. Marshall & J.D. Langerman;

2. The Biology of Limnothrissa Miodon in Lake Kariba by J.D. Langerman;

3. Sardine Fishing Methods Used on Lake Kariba by J.D. Langerman;

4. The relationship Between Tigerfish and The Tanganyika sardine in Lake Kariba by F.J.R Junor & B.E. Marshall.

All writers were with the then Lake Kariba Fisheries Research Institute and the articles carry an impressive amount of valuable details for those interested in or are already in the fishing sector – knowledge that is vital before any management can be intelligently applied.
By Laiton Kandawire