Kariba Publicity Association (KPA) Plans for 2016

Just to show the seriousness being put on developing Kariba and her various social and business aspects, the Kariba Publicity Association has scheduled a Board meeting at the Council Boardroom, Municipal offices, Kariba Heights on Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 1400hrs. This meeting, coming shortly after the ZTA meeting, will ensure Kariba stakeholders take cognizance of the national tourism plan as they draw up their Annual Plan for 2016.

Among other issues, the KPA meeting will come up with a Strategic Plan for the Association, discuss the appointment of a Programmes Coordinator and give impetus to the membership drive. Carrying on from the successes of last year in which it was voted as having the best Publicity Association stand at the Sanganayi/Hlanganani Travel Expo, much is expected from the KPA in 2016 and beyond. Stakeholder support and goodwill should flow and fuel all the good work that now needs implementation and excellent execution. This is the year to join the KPA if you were still out there in the cold and waiting for change to happen. The change you desire will not happen without your involvement – so get up and run with the others.