The prophetic movement in Kariba


Story by Moline Chikwanha

Prophecy existed in the era of our fore fathers in Christ such as Moses, Elijah and Isaiah. In our own country Zimbabwe prophets were not widely known years back but in this generation they have raised a standard to be known across the globe.

There are now  prominent prophets in Harare such as prophet Ubert Angel, Emmanuel  Makandiwa and Walter Magaya just to mention a few. Here in Kariba in the spiritual circles we had experienced drought to an extent that, for someone to just receive a prophetic word, healing or deliverance they had to visit those prominent prophets in Harare. This resulted in many travelling but only a few would be able to meet the prophets because of the multitude gathered and some because of finances could not afford to go.

But God remembered Kariba by sending prophets into the town, some grew up in this town and some from different locations, and because of that, things never heard before have started manifesting, this has taken Kariba to be one of the most prominent towns because of the prophetic movement.  We have heard of testimonies of some conditions of some diseases that medicine could not deal with, but because of supernatural healing, through this anointed servants of God healing deliverance prophetic has become like breathing.

Prophets like Prophet T.B Zhorizhi of Signs O f Times (S.O.T), Prophet Aaron Marc  of  Divine Hand Ministries (D.H.M), Apostle Gift Bepe of Tribe Of All Nations (TOAN) , Apostle C Manasseh of  Fire Chapel International(F.C.I) just to mention a few have taken Kariba by storm causing the once deserted resort town to get back up, with many people travelling to as far as Harare coming to hear God speak through this anointed servants, even people from our neighboring country Zambia have been crossing over to witness God at work, this has even triggered the locals to leave their former ways of leaving to follow their maker because the uncompromised word being preached and the evidence of God’s power in each service.

Some stories are being created to bring them down, but if they are true prophets from God they will stand to overcome every temptation like other prophets from the Old Testament did.  But our God is faithful if they are called by God they shall stand to deliver, heal and to prophecy to the entire town of Kariba and to other visitors from different places.