A CAG bus accident prophecy confirmed

A CAG bus was involved in an accident on Sunday. The bus was coming from Harare going to Kariba. Sources said the bus lost control and ended up landing near Mount Hampden just few kilometres from Harare. Many people were seriously injured and the area has history that many people lost their lives there due to accidents.

On that Sunday during a church service Prophet T.B Zhorozhi of Signs of Times gave a prophecy about the accident and he urged residents of Kariba to pray against accidents and loss of lives . ”I am seeing another bus again having an accident, lets pray for Kariba said the prophet.”This was not the first time he gave the prophecies that affects lives of people.  he once prophesied that a company shall close and that workers should pray and the company is believed to be Lake Harvest.

Meanwhile no deaths has been confirmed but many people were seriously injured.