The Community Tower

Lake Kariba

One of the best and renowned, the late Nigerian novelist, Chinua Achebe in his novel ” Things Fall apart ” noted with concern the disintegration of once a traditional and a well intact society due to penetration of western culture. Can this be true to our once Tonga – Korekore society which has been invaded by other cultures in recent months. Notably, are our overseas eastern friends the Chinese who are with us for the next five or more years working at our Kariba south expansion project. I am not being racist here but to look at possible consequences of having inter-marriages visa- vie our tradition.

Will that thing which holds Kariba together culturally not fall apart? or it maybe a thorn in the neck for our traditional custodians for the next decades. With the coming in of Chinese in our society Kariba will never be the same again. Biblically it is not good for a man to live alone and rumors has it that the Chinese guys are falling for our beautiful sisters as they seek to quench their sexual appetite and surely soon or later we shall see vazukuru vechiZhingzhong.

Not to be outdone on the social scenes are about nine hundred soldiers from the SADC region who are on training dubbed Mahombekombe exercise. The community in the near future or by next year will be in headache trying to locate the fathers of the children being planted now by our fellow comrades from Angola and other SADC countries.

Our community has experienced a lot of social-economic ills for the past nine months as the result of the economic meltdown the nation is currently going through. Hundreds of workers were retrenched due to the common law which empowers any employer to terminate the contract of workers without terminal benefits by giving them three months notice. This heavily affected long serving workers who were the backbone of the companies with some of them having served for more than twenty years. Hit hard are workers in the tourism sector. Caribbea Bay resort under African Sun and Cutty Sark hotel fired more than thirty five senior workers.  Lake harvest showed more than twenty employees the exit door. Other companies which took advantage of the common law are AMC, GMB and rumors had it that the municipality ‘chickened ‘in firing its long serving workforce.

Earlier on, on service delivery matters  it was the controversial  Sam Mawawo of Kariba incorporated residents rate association who was up in arms against the municipality on various issues, sighting the council executive as corrupt and anti residents in issues to do with debts payment. At one point he became so powerful to the extent of mobilizing rate payers to go against the municipality decision of engaging a debt collector. Of worrisome is the continued going down of the water levels in the lake Kariba which resulted in the power utility company ZPC having no option but to cut down electricity generation from 750 MW to about 450 MW as the current water levels cannot sustain the normal electricity.