Well done municipilaty of Kariba

Recently we converged at PartMclean Hall at the Kariba Heights and we were told of a good number of achievements in different departments of the Municipality of Kariba Official:

– Repositioning of Breezes pontoon
– Water testing done by Independent Laboratory and our water confirmed to be just clean and safe for our consumption.
– Upgrade of sewer line in the troubled Nyamhunga 2 area
– Desludging of the ponds in Nyamhunga
– Potholes patched as witnessed in our roads and they can not be compared to Chitungwiza kikikiki where our former TC has gone.
– Most fluorescent tubes replaced
– Most of the transport fleet working

– Sustainable payment plans with authorities like NSSA, ZIMRA
– Definite pay dates for employees – Every second week of the month our employees are getting their salaries.
– Improved collection efficiency

– Funding of Kariba Publicity Association at ZITF and Sanganayi where marketing of Kariba has been done.
– Quarterly newsletter production
– Website, Facebook page opened
– Ward Health committees put in place
– Audit plan adopted
– Fire tender procured and not that one which usually comes with little or no water
– Bins available under revolving fund where residents can get and pay in installments
– Full council meetings regularly held

– Engineering designs for Kaseses now available and layout plan was approved
– Mahombekombe Secondary, 2 Communal Toilets, Nyanhewe Pry toilets commissioned.
– Nyamhunga stadium upgrading completed
– Kariba Waves FC being sponsored with assisted to Lake Harvest Tigers team

Of all the scores, INCOME GENERATING PROJECT in beer halls it was reported that for the first time liquor undertakings realised profits and there are now LCD Television sets in the beer-halls.

We are aware that the economic situation in our country does not spare anyone but this achievement is not mean.
We still hope the guys will work on the old plant and equipment at the Municipality, sort out the Heights Muchirara gully that is threatening to eat the road and houses, service stands among others.

It looks Tembo and team got the formula especially on workers salaries and we now look ahead to the 2016 budget performance and the coming in of Tyson presiding over local authorities.
For now a job well done Tembo, Kamhoti, Nyanigwe, Magijani, Tracy Ndoro, Councillors and staff.